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My Services

Branding is what I do best. Although each design project is different I always approach my work with the same basic tools;
an ear to listen, a critical mind to study and sharp pencil to organize. 

Design Planning

Planning and origination should be the first step to any design project. Proper forethought to align project goals and identify key objectives ensure success. Create a vision that is clear and concise. Translate your vision into strategic communications for successful product launches, on-line tactics, retail programs and advertising campaigns.


Graphic Design

The discipline of graphic design can bring to life strategic thinking in the form of powerful graphics, web design, photography, and packaging. From initial sketches to final production my experienced creative direction ensures result with lasting impact. Well-designed graphics are the foundation to any marketing campaign effort.

Brand Design

Discovering various proprietary ways your brand may utilize its’ unique characteristic and continue to grow. A strong brand communicates a unique point of view that differentiates it from the competition. It is a distinct advantage for successful brands to dominate the competition and create new opportunities in the market.

Creative Direction and Design by Michael Louis Gorey

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