Case Studies:
Projects In Detail

Forward Inc. 

This upstart company captured an emerging niche market – accessories for handheld electronics. This included a staple of new products to be designed and packaged for both US and European markets. From the launch the new brand need to compete in the major big box retailers. Every brand element including logo, package, sales collateral and internet need to be visually constant and effective.  

Becks Beer 

Going after new business is an exhilarating team creative effort. The efforts of one such project is shown here. Much more work was done, but these slides demonstrate my involvement. My team was tasked on bringing the campaign concept to life.

CVS Beauty

The emerging beauty trend to launch at mass retail brands that were previously only found at department and premium retail was growing.

As a leader in the retail pharmacy business, CVS responded by creating  a beauty store within existing locations. To support this new business expansion a visually bold retail signage seasonal campaign was created.  I directed the design and creation for all beauty department retail efforts. 

Creative Direction and Design by Michael Louis Gorey

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