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My Clients

The best results are always a product of great relationships. When my clients allow me to become part of their business the solution is exponentially stronger and more effective. The work I create must serve to improve my clients business. 

What is good for business...

Projects big or small I always strive to achieve the best for my clients. My challenge is to provide the absolute best results for the budgets and scope when I submit proposals. I believe that money spent on branding, advertising and packaging should meet strategic business goals thus providing a return on the investment.

Team of one or one of many

It is seldom that a project is the work and effort of a single person. Great results dictate the involvement of diverse input. I often find that companies that function efficiently across departments in turn can set the stage for extraordinary success. My creative process is just as effective as an internal director or as a hired gun. 

Creative Direction and Design by Michael Louis Gorey

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