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So Burnt

circa 1996

I resurrected some this image created from a series I did while at Art Center. It reminds me of the opportunity I had to explore my own sense of creativity. The process of working with a clear mind and eyes open to what may unfold from the artistic process. Expectations often become limits to that which should otherwise be a limitless experience. 

Human Type

circa 2013

I love "real typography" and always try and stop to look at specimen examples when they catch my eye. When I see things like this sign rusted, painted and weathered it assures me that the human sprit is still alive - even if it is sometimes hard to find. 

Gone Surfing

circa 2004

Take a day and go surfing. Call it advice or just a desire to keep it real. If you can catch one wave - just one will be enough to change your life forever. If you happen to be a good surfer try and remember to pass it on. On any given day let someone else have the wave. Smile as you watch them ride toward shore and be grateful that you (we) are able to enjoy such experiences. 

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Creative Direction and Design by Michael Louis Gorey

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